About Golden Gate Smooth Dancers, Inc

National Smooth Dancers started in Los Angeles in 1937. Initially, men only were allowed to become members. Two years later, women were permitted to join.

In 1950, a group was established to promote ballroom dancing in San Francisco and was named Golden Gate Chapter. Today, there are eight chapters in the California: Los Angeles, San Diego, Golden Gate Chapter, Palomar, San Fernando, Bakersfield, Visalia, and Fresno.

The first State Convention was held in 1951 in the City of San Francisco. It was also the first year of the publication of Dance Whispers, the monthly newsletter which lists the coming attractions and social activities of each chapter.

Each chapter has a “Coronation” every year to install the chapter’s Queen. The Queen of the chapter hosting the state convention becomes the State Queen of the year. The election of the first State Queen took place in 1952. The high honor of becoming Queen is given to the lady who devoted much time and energy to and for the betterment of the chapter. She also serves as a representative of her own chapter and as an Ambassador of Goodwill when visiting other chapters.